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Partner of Change 4 Life
Active kids are happy kids - they like to be running around and having fun.
Pathways Plus is part of the Change4Life movement. In order to maintain a healthy weight we need to both eat well and move more. Many families are making changes that will help them live healthier and longer lives. Visit or call 0300 123 4567 for more information.”

PE Lessons – Full day – Half Day
To ensure progressive learning and meet current Ofsted standards.
Schemes are closely linked to the four strands of the National Curriculum:
Acquiring and Developing 
Selecting and Applying 
Improving and Evaluating
Knowledge and Understanding of Fitness and Health.


Welcome to Pathways Plus

For Parents: Helping support parents keeping children physically active, as well as providing extra-curricular activities for many schools in the area, we run Sport Activity Camps in the School Holidays, Advanced Sessions and Pay and Play Sessions at our Evening and Weekend Development Centres.
To search for a course suitable to your child click the Courses link above.

For Schools: Our service is fully flexible meaning we can take care of your entire curriculum PE and PPA needs or complement your school's existing teaching. This support can be with particular lessons, activity areas, year groups or on certain days of the week.
For more information please call 01992 350 110