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Physical Education Lessons
PPA Cover – Full day – Half Day
To ensure progressive learning and meet current Ofsted standards

All the schemes are closely linked to the four strands of the National Curriculum:
  • Acquiring and Developing
  • Selecting and Applying
  • Improving and Evaluating Knowledge
  • Understanding of Fitness and Health
Extended Learning
To improve young people's motivation, build the self-esteem and make them become more effective learners.
  • Study Support
  • Morning Clubs
  • Lunchtime Clubs
  • After School Clubs
  • School Holiday Camps
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Sports Lessons
KS1 & KS2 Games - Covering Invasion, Net/Wall, Striking and Fielding. Athletics and Dance

Long Term Plans include lessons which cover how each of the skill areas progress through the Key Stages and Years, looking at Actions, Tactics, Paired and Group Work etc. Year-by-year lessons demonstrate how literacy, numeracy and other areas of learning can benefit Games, Including lesson by lesson overview and overall learning objectives.

Football Athletics Dance Netball and more...

Our service is fully flexible meaning we can take care of your entire curriculum PE and PPA needs or complement your school's existing teaching. This support can be with particular lessons, activity areas, year groups or on certain days of the week
Demonstrating Progress

We use assessment for learning in all our teaching; all lessons are planned with clear objectives which are designed to progress pupils through the National Curriculum expectations

All pupil progress is recorded on a half term or termly basis this assessment data is linked directly to the National Curriculum expectations the format can be easily used and track pupils progress, or gain insight in to a particular groups.